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Beauty, Massage, NVQ & VTCT Courses

The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training is like no other - it is the centre of excellence! With over 20 years teaching experience in all areas of beauty and therapy, our courses are privately written with our students in mind. Our manuals are colourful and instructional and our learning environment and tutors offer the most reassuring and comfortable learning environment. That is why our students tend to study as many courses as they can with us spanning many years. Our students benefit from a peaceful environment and tutors who absolutely love their job. This coupled with the fact that we are accredited by VTCT and BABTAC, makes The Angel Academy of Teaching & Training unique and like no other. Call us today on +44 (0)20 8508 2243.

Beauty CoursesBeauty Courses

Massage CoursesMassage Courses

VTCT/NVQ CoursesVTCT/NVQ Courses

Beauty Salon TrainingBeauty Salon Training

Some reasons why you should come learn with The Angel Academy:

We put our students first • You choose the dates - we will accomodate where possible • We can train you in your salon and spa • Private one to one training available • NVQ units can be taken separately • Extra support offered for students who require it • Payment only necessary for each unit covered • We offer a unique and captivating way to learn • Personalised training to suit your needs in an intimate environment • Time is taken to ensure high standards of training • All training staff are certified teachers, assessors and verifiers

Angel Academy of Teaching and Training' which she founded in 2003. With 80 accreditation's she is still an International Trainer, Tutor, IQA and Assessor. Deborah offers a unique way to learn in a unique environment which offers small classes and very personalised tuition. Her College 'The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training' offers 100 courses offering accreditation with VTCT, NVQ, ITEC and BABTAC.

The AATT is the ONLY accredited centre to offer exclusive FAST TRACK training courses. Her students are mature, looking for a career change, have children who have grown up or would like to run a business around their younger children.

'Women should be celebrated and recognised for their talents and beauty at every age and this is something I have set out to change' says Deborah.

Deborah has enabled everyone to benefit from learning beauty and therapy skills by setting out to produce a book series that will provide invaluable information at a competitive price.


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Popular Courses (click for more)

NVQ Beauty Level 2 Course NVQ Beauty Therapy Level 2

The perfect course for starting out in beauty therapy

NVQ Beauty Level 3 NVQ Beauty Therapy Level 3

For those who want advanced beauty therapy

Eyelash Extension Course Eyelash Extension Course

Learn about the application of lash extensions

Videos (click for more)

Little Chris & Ricky from TOWIE visit The Angel Academy Microdermabrasion #1

Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion

Chloe & Diags from TOWIE visit The Angel Academy TOWIE #2

Chloe & Diags from TOWIE visit The Angel Academy

Hot Stone Massage Video - Prone Hot Stone Massage - Prone

Hot stone massage techniques with client in prone position.

Want to maximise your training investment? We can visit your spa or salon and conduct training there, so your staff are still available for clients.


The AATT have successfully trained spa/salon staff throughout the UK and Europe. Below are a few testimonials from very satisfied spa/salon managers.

Perfection Beauty Rooms Salon Training Perfection Beauty Rooms, Burscough

Open Quotes Well after 2 days of fab training I now have the certificate which will enable me to make all you customers even more beautiful than you already are!! Thanks to the very lovely Deborah Kelly from The Angel Academy in Essex who has the true ability to be professional, helpful and informative and has made me feel confident to start nonsurgical facelifts and microdermabrasion in Perfection Beauty Rooms! — Abi Greenop owner of Perfection Beauty in Burscough, Lancashire Close Quotes

Kemplinski Berlin Spa Training Hotel Adlon Kemplinski Berlin

Open Quotes Deborah is a very professional trainer showing a high level of competence. I appreciated very much her flexibility as due to sickness and operations we had to work a little bit around the original training plan. The training was very individualized, concentrating on all individual strengths and needs. Close Quotes

Oxley Blue Fish Spa Training Oxley Blue Fish Spa

Open Quotes Overall I am so pleased with the entire process from the enquiry to the end of the training. It was nothing short of brilliant, and I would not hesitate to recommend ‘The Angel Academy’ to any Salon or Spa requiring Holistic Training. Close Quotes

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This fully comprehensive and insurable course offers training to ALL BEAUTY THERAPISTS WHO HAVE QUALIFIED IN NVQ LEVEL 2 AND 3 PRE-REQUISITES. NVQ LEVEL 2 AND 3 FAST TRACK AVAILABLE AT SUBSIDISED RATES WITH SMALL CLASS NUMBERS We are currently the ONLY Teaching School to offer NVQ SINGLE UNIT ACCREDITAION so if you are missing a unit within your certification you can come to The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training to study FAST TRACK for your missing unit. There is also a 3 year window of opportunity to upgrade an existing BABTAC certificate to an NVQ Unit for ONLY 149 pounds BOTOX AND ITS USES Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. It is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. Botox is generally administered to the following areas: Forehead- Frontalis Frown Line- Corrugator Crows Feet- Temporalis However, there are different types of botulinum toxin products (toxin A and B) which are used to treat specific eye problems such as uncontrollable blinking, migraines, bladder weakness, grinding of the teeth and excessive sweating. Botulinum toxin is not a cure, and your symptoms gradually return over [...]


Liverpool Fashion and Beauty Awards THE LIVERPOOL FASHION AND BEAUTY AWARDS 2017 What an Incredible Event, Amazing People AND I WON AN AWARD for ‘Best Training Provider’ for my Beauty School: The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training’ was founded by Deborah Jay Kelly (Actress/Red Carpet and Fashion Presenter), after identifying a loophole in the Beauty/training industry, she founded The AATT in 2003. It is the ONLY school to offer ‘FAST TRACK’ learning to Students of every Colour, Creed, Country, Age and are proud to have 100′s of satisfied students. The learning environment is unique, class groups small and support has gained recognition in the industry which has led to WINNING yet another AWARD for ‘Best Training Provider’ 2017. A huge Thank You to the immensely talented Amanda Rachel Moss for single-handedly organised this wonderful night of Fashion Shows, Singers and of course Awards.


I founded the Angel Academy in 2003 after it was formed for TV shows one of which was Ashley Banjo’s Secret Street Crew It is now the most Televised Beauty School having been a regular on TOWIE Three things make us unique: It is based in my home making us able to offer up to 50% off current prices from competitors We have over 200 courses and a 100% pass rate for Fast Track NVQ and UNIT accreditation and offer further training for free if required We have donated to over 100 charities and are passionate about cultural diversity A student reviews: ENTRY QUESTIONS 1 Why are you nominating this person? She takes each student under her wings and spends time making them the person they believe they can be. She sees her students as her family and has established a unique training environment in her home which she did after working for so long in the superficial world of teaching… where there were sometimes 30 people in the classroom. She dedicates 7 days a week to helping her students and her love of teaching rubs off on her students who want to come back again and again. She runs [...]

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