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Beauty Courses

Beauty Courses

There is no other perfect way than to study a beauty course with beauticians, particularly when they spend all of their time working in the beauty industry. Our beauty courses offer our students the choice to learn from ‘the centre of excellence’, being taught extra ‘beauty tips’ along the way and gaining benefit from a high calibre of teaching. Further support is given when a student moves into the industry by way of references and promotions as and where possible.

We offer beauty courses on the following topics:

Our courses are BABTAC and FHT accredited so you will receive a BABTAC or FHT certificate, and CPD points towards your continued professional development.

Please see below our list of upcoming courses. Click on the course for further information, request a call or email regarding the course or book now!

Manicures & Pedicures218/03/201819/03/2018£240 InfoEnquireBook!
NVQ Level 2 In Beauty Therapy ** FAST TRACK OPTION **818/03/201826/03/2018£1440 InfoEnquireBook!
Electric Body219/03/201820/03/2018£399 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrical Facials224/03/201825/03/2018£399 InfoEnquireBook!
Waxing124/03/201824/03/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
Electric Body226/03/201827/03/2018£399 InfoEnquireBook!
UV Gel Nails. Kit available for £99 + Supplement129/03/201829/03/2018£150 InfoEnquireBook!
NVQ Level 3 ** FAST TRACK OPTION **1429/03/20187/03/2018£1680 InfoEnquireBook!
NVQ Level 3 In Beauty Therapy - Massage Route141/04/201814/04/2018£1680 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrical Facials23/04/20184/04/2018£399 InfoEnquireBook!
NVQ Level 2 In Beauty Therapy ** FAST TRACK **87/04/201814/04/2018£1440 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrolysis. ** Price reduced from £700+VAT27/04/20188/04/2018£550 InfoEnquireBook!
Eye Lash Extensions111/04/201811/04/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
UV Gel Nails. Kit available for £99 + Supplement112/04/201812/04/2018£150 InfoEnquireBook!
Electric Body213/04/201814/04/2018£399 InfoEnquireBook!
Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion114/04/201814/04/2018£499 InfoEnquireBook!
Spray Tanning117/04/201817/04/2018£99 InfoEnquireBook!
Threading117/04/201817/04/2018£150 InfoEnquireBook!
Professional Skincare & Facials219/04/201820/04/2018£329 InfoEnquireBook!
Manicures & Pedicures220/04/201821/04/2018£240 InfoEnquireBook!
NVQ Level 3 Electrolysis. ** Price reduced from £700221/04/201822/04/2018£550 InfoEnquireBook!
Waxing123/04/201823/04/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
Electric Body227/04/201827/04/2018£399 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrical Facials *SPECIAL OFFER*22/05/20183/05/2018£389 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrolysis. ** Price reduced from £700+VAT25/05/20186/05/2018£550 InfoEnquireBook!
NVQ Level 2 In Beauty Therapy 'FAST TRACK'87/05/201814/05/2018£1440 InfoEnquireBook!
Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion with machine114/05/201814/05/2018£499 InfoEnquireBook!
Eye Lash Extensions115/05/201815/05/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
NVQ Level 3 ** FAST TRACK OPTION1416/05/201829/05/2018£1680 InfoEnquireBook!
Waxing118/05/201818/05/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
Spray Tanning118/05/201818/05/2018£99 InfoEnquireBook!
Professional Skincare & Facials224/05/201825/05/2018£329 InfoEnquireBook!
Manicures & Pedicures224/05/201825/05/2018£240 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrolysis. ** Price reduced from £700+VAT22/06/20183/06/2018£550 InfoEnquireBook!
Eye Lash Extensions112/06/201812/06/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
Professional Skincare & Facials220/06/201821/06/2018£329 InfoEnquireBook!
Threading121/06/201821/06/2018£150 InfoEnquireBook!
Waxing122/06/201822/06/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrolysis. ** Price reduced from £700+VAT222/06/201823/06/2018£550 InfoEnquireBook!
Spray Tanning126/06/201826/06/2018£99 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrical Facials229/06/201830/06/2018£399 InfoEnquireBook!
Eye Lash Extensions130/06/201830/06/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrolysis. ** Price reduced from £700+VAT22/07/20183/07/2018£550 InfoEnquireBook!
Spray Tanning14/07/20184/07/2018£99 InfoEnquireBook!
Waxing115/07/201815/07/2018£180 InfoEnquireBook!
Eye Lash Extensions126/07/201826/07/2018£150 InfoEnquireBook!
Professional Skincare & Facials226/07/201827/07/2018£329 InfoEnquireBook!
Spray Tanning116/08/201816/08/2018£99 InfoEnquireBook!
Electrolysis. ** Price reduced from £700+VAT222/08/201823/08/2018£550 InfoEnquireBook!
Eye Lash Extensions124/08/201824/08/2018£150 InfoEnquireBook!
Eye Lash Extensions18/09/20188/09/2018£150 InfoEnquireBook!

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