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Threading Course

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal practised in Eastern Countries. Many Asian and Arabic women favour this method of hair removal to remove hair from their entire face. It is believed to have a ‘cleaner’ appearance in terms of removal and can be much quicker and less messy than traditional waxing methods.

The therapist is able to exercise more control over the removal of hair leading to a more precise removal.

The ‘cats cradle’ method of removal has been reported (the Guardian newspaper) to be the least painful way of threading! Suitable for all skin-types, it is a cost effective method of hair removal.

The course covers:

  • Health and Safety in the workplace
  • The history of threading
  • The benefits and results
  • Client consultation and after care
  • Related anatomy & physiology
  • Contra indications & restrictions
  • Practical Application of Threading to related areas of the face
  • Preparation of the work area
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